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Why do I have to give you a check with the signed lease proposal application?

"The check is simply applied as your advance lease payments. If the lease should be turned down for any reason, a check will be returned to you immediately."

Why do you need my financial statements?

"Financial statements are required from all of our customers as standard procedure. Because of the nature of the lease contract, which is similar to any other method of long-term financing, the lease company needs them to evaluate the Lessee's credit.

Alpine Leasing keeps financial information in the strictest confidence."

What if the equipment doesn't work?

"It's the same as if you made a cash purchase, however you're not obligated to start payments to Alpine Leasing until you've accepted the equipment in writing."

Can I get out of the lease if I replace the equipment of my system requirements change?

"Under Alpine Leasing's unique conversion program, you have the ability to upgrade to new equipment or add-on additional equipment during the lease term."

Why aren't personal property taxes included in the lease?

"Because they are constantly subject to Change. The leasing company would have to re-write the lease every time a change occurred. It's just not practical to include personal property tax."

Why should I tie myself to a long-term contract when I'm not sure how long I'll need the equipment?

"Well, you'll have more replacement flexibility when you lease. It's always possible to transfer the lease from one piece of equipment to a newer piece. You'll find it easier to replace the equipment when it's leased."

Can I pay off the lease early?

Although Alpine Leasing allows early payoffs, we caution the customer that an early payoff might be expensive. There is no penalty for early payoff, however the customer is exercising their purchase option in addition to paying off the net lease balance. If this occurs early on in the lease agreement, the payoff could be higher than the original equipment cost. Generally, it is wise to recommend a shorter lease term if the customer intends on paying a lease off early.

What do you lease and can I have just one payment if I use more than one vendor?

Medical & Dental Equipment, Production Equipment, Computers, Telecommunication Equipment, Office Furniture, Construction Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Dry Cleaning Equipment, and much more. As a general rule if it does not float or fly Alpine Leasing will be able to provide funding. Alpine Leasing can put multiple vendors on one lease, making it possible for the lessee to make only one payment.

What is the difference between a $1 purchase option versus a 10% Residual and what is a 10% PUT?

The $1 Purchase Option is considered a conditional sales contract or financing lease, and you could loose the tax write off if audited. Under the 10% Residual, the lessee may be granted the option to purchase the equipment for an amount equal to 10% of the original equipment cost plus applicable taxes upon the successful completion of their lease. Generally, this 10% residual or purchase option will satisfy the IRS’s requirement for a "true lease". A 10% PUT (Purchase Upon Termination) is a guaranteed purchase by the lessee at the end of the lease.

Who provides service on the equipment?

The warranty is passed along to the lessee. Beyond the warranty time frame, the customer would contact the dealer or manufacturer. Alpine Leasing is a financial company and does not service equipment at all.

Is the payment on the lease my only payment?

The payment on the lease is the total that Alpine Leasing receives. You will be billed for use or sales tax each month if applicable.

Can my lease be assumed?

Yes, it can be assumed but Alpine Leasing reserves the right to approve the new lessee from a credit standpoint. Once the new lessee is approved, we will provide an assumption form for all parties to sign.